Our Business
The idea of having a door-to-door commuter service was born out of the personal experiences from  
partners.  The temporary loss of a vehicle left us using costly rental/cab services, because there was
no cost effective and available way to get to public transport without first incurring the cost of a
rental/cab.  We drove in our cars and then took the train or bus to get to work.  Even with free
parking, it was usually a hassle to find a spot in time to catch the train or bus so we left home
earlier to avoid heavy traffic and filled parking lots.

Feeling sleepy while driving was a scary experience and we saw this happening with many drivers
on the road while sometimes stuck in traffic.  The increase in cost of gas made our commute even
more undesirable.  The bottom line was - if we wanted to live in the beautiful family community of
Sussex and keep the good paying job, we would have to endure with all of the above. We figured if
we can provide a service that can remove the stress and hassle of long commutes to and from work
at a competitive cost, it would improve our community in a number of ways: Commuters would
have an outstanding travel alternative without the cost of a cab,  fewer cars would be on the road
decreasing traffic, decreased gas usage and improved air quality..And the bonus?!!  No multiple
stops once we are on the road!
Our Mission

Sussexpress LLC goal is to provide an outstanding and competitive commuting
alternative for commuters...To take the hassle out of your travel!

Managing Partner

Kathy Ann
Office Managerzz
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Our mission is to provide residents and commuters with an outstanding, more personalized and competitive commuting option.    Thank You!
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